Limit the number of components in a Sitecore placeholder

One missing feature in Sitecore is the ability to limit the number of components which can be binded to a placeholder. By default, an author can add as many components to a placeholder as he wants. But sometimes there are restrictions in the layout, where more than a specific number of components would break it. Let's say we have a teaser row to add components. In a three-column layout, the maximum of allowed teasers would be three.

There are already good solutions available for this (e.g. this one here from Robbert Hock). But all solutions I found were built for Webforms. As we are using MVC and the placeholder definition and rendering in MVC works slightly different, I was not able to use this approach. In addition, my requirement was to only limit the number of components in the frontend: The author should be able to add as many components in the Experience Editor as he wants. In the frontend (or preview), only the first n components should be shown.

In Sitecore MVC, the pipeline mvc.renderPlaceholder is responsible to render it's content. In this pipeline there is the processor Sitecore.Mvc.Pipelines.Response.RenderPlaceholder.PerformRendering which has a method GetRenderings(). This seems to be perfect for my needs. Instead of returning all renderings there, I need to only return the first n renderings. This is the idea, but first we need to configure the maximum number of components.

To achieve this, I have written a custom HtmlHelper method which adds the number of components to the pipeline arguments:

public class CustomSitecoreHelper : SitecoreHelper
    public CustomSitecoreHelper(System.Web.Mvc.HtmlHelper htmlHelper)
        : base(htmlHelper)

    public HtmlString Placeholder(string placeholderName, int maxComponents)
        Assert.ArgumentNotNull(placeholderName, "placeholderName");
        using (ContextService.Get().Push(this.HtmlHelper.ViewContext))
            var stringWriter = new StringWriter();
            var args = new RenderPlaceholderArgs(placeholderName, stringWriter, this.CurrentRendering);
            if (maxComponents > 0)
                args.CustomData["maxComponents"] = maxComponents;    

            PipelineService.Get().RunPipeline("mvc.renderPlaceholder", args);
            return new HtmlString(stringWriter.ToString());

It's important to add this method in a custom HtmlHelper, as I have described in this post (see section Custom HtmlHelper). This can then be used in the Razor view as follow:

@Html.Custom().Placeholder("my-placeholder-name", 3)

Now the number of allowed components can be read out of the pipeline arguments in the pipeline processor I mentioned at the beginning. So let's write this custom processor and override the GetRenderings() method:

public class PerformRendering : Sitecore.Mvc.Pipelines.Response.RenderPlaceholder.PerformRendering
    protected override IEnumerable<Rendering> GetRenderings(string placeholderName, RenderPlaceholderArgs args)
        // get all renderings
        var renderings = base.GetRenderings(placeholderName, args);

        // return all renderings in Experience Editor
        if (Sitecore.Context.PageMode.IsExperienceEditor) return renderings;

        // get the maximum number of components
        var maxComponents = this.GetMaxComponents(args);

        // return only first n components
        return maxComponents > 0 ? renderings.Take(maxComponents) : renderings;

    private int GetMaxComponents(RenderPlaceholderArgs args)
        var maxComponents = 0;
        if (args.CustomData.ContainsKey("maxComponents"))
            int.TryParse(args.CustomData["maxComponents"].ToString(), out maxComponents);

        return maxComponents;

Last but not least we need to patch the original pipeline processor and replace it with the custom one:

<configuration xmlns:patch="">
        <processor patch:instead="*[@type='Sitecore.Mvc.Pipelines.Response.RenderPlaceholder.PerformRendering, Sitecore.Mvc']"
                   type="Website.Pipelines.RenderPlaceholder.PerformRendering, Website" />

That's it. This is a very clean way of restricting the number of components in a placeholder. However if you have the requirement that the author should not be able to add more components than allowed in the Experience Editor, it is not the perfect solution. Unfortunately I didn't found a solution for this within Sitecore MVC. Does anyone of you have a solution for this? How do you handle these requirements?

Kevin Brechbühl

Senior Developer & Architect | C# & ASP.NET | Sitecore Technology MVP

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