In September 2010 we started a Sitecore tech blog at Unic. The blog is called Sitecore Vibes and was initially started in German only.

sitecore vibes

Today we have migrated to the newest Sitecore and WeBlog version and also made the blog bilingual, where we want to write most of the posts in English. We have also included the Field Fallback module to have a language fallback to the German blog posts. This means that you can simply read the blog in English. All posts which are not translated to English are marked with a flag and could be translated with Google Translate (or read in German if you prefer).

This does not mean that this blog here will die. I will still be active here and write blog posts, but I will also write more posts on Sitecore Vibes. So, stay tuned and enjoy reading the new English blog in the universe. It’s definitely worth adding it to your feed reader.