Using HttpRequest.Item property

I’m currently in the last part of my military service and don’t have much time to work or blog. However I could answer some Stack Overflow questions. One of them was the question if it is a good practice to use the HttpRequest.Item property instead of HttpRequest.Form or HttpRequest.QueryString. When you want to get a query string value, you can get this from the QueryString property of the current http request object. If you want to get a posted form value, via the Form collection.…

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Cross-Origin Resource Sharing for static assets

We recently had to provide a javascript snippet which includes an icon font dynamically. The javascript snippet will be included on a custom domain from our customer, where the icon font (the *.woff file) is hosted on our domain. We rapidly came into cross-origin problems, the so called Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS). There is a http header called Access-Control-Allow-Origin, which is exactly what we use here. So, anywhere in our code we can set this header to allow resource sharing. We could either allow this for every domain (with a…

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