The past years I fully focused on backend development. In my current job as a Full Stack Software Engineer I’m more and more interested in frontend development as well. I was very excited to attend my first frontend conference last month, the Uphill Conf on top of the beautiful Mount Gurten in Bern. It was a fantastic day. The line up was superb and the organizers did a very good job. Thank you a lot!

I don’t want to say too much about the conference. I just want to share my two favorite talks from the conference. I copied the abstracts and the videos from the official website. Enjoy and hopefully see you next year.

Building a Performant Web Application in 2018

Speaker: Jem Young

It’s 2018 and with the explosion of people joining the internet for the first time, building a performant application is more crucial than ever before. Unfortunately with all the new tools, libraries, and measurements, it’s difficult to even know where to start when it comes to building an application from scratch. In this talk, we’re going to cover the steps and methodologies that the modern web developer should keep in mind when crafting code. From choosing the right libraries and understanding application architecture, all the way to debugging common performance issues, we’re going to learn how to build a modern, production ready web application.

Two fundamental abstractions

Speaker: Andre Staltz

JavaScript provides primitive types and means of processing those. However, those are not enough. Real data must somehow come into the program and data must somehow leave the program, for it to become useful to us. In this talk, we will see how two abstractions, () => T and T => (), are essential for data flow and to build up other abstractions, such as Iterator, Iterable, Observable, Scheduling, and others.